What essential 4X4 Recovery Gear do I need?

Here are some of the main 4X4 Recovery items you might need, depending on where you’re going, what you’re doing and what sort of equipment your vehicle is installed with.

4x4 recovery gear

Snatch Strap and Shackles

A snatch strap is basically a massive rubber band that stretches under strain but returns to its original length and can be used as a recovery aid in the majority of 4X4 situations. You will also need a rated shackle or two to attach the strap to your vehicle and or a good rated recovery point on the car itself.  Whilst not all vehicles have a recovery point built in, these can be bought retrospectively.  Always bear in mind, that for your personal safety you should buy good quality rated accessories and have them properly installed. Cheaper products dont always meet the nec australian standards and can be very dangerous when they fail.

Winching accessories

If your vehicle is fitted with a winch there are a number of items you can purchase to enhance its performance. A tree trunk protector will help to avoid ring-barking any tree you use as a winching point, making sure it’s still there to be used by yourself or others next time you need it. A winch extension strap extends the range of your winch cable in case there are no nearby winching points.  Finally, if you’re really stuck, a snatch-block or pulley-block can be installed to double the pulling power or halve the load on your winch.Again you will also need rated shackles to attach all this and a rated recovery point.

Jacks and Tracks

A high-lift jack is another useful accessory to get you out of trouble, but can’t be used on all vehicles. Alternatively you can use an air jack, which is attached to your car’s exhaust pipe by a large rubber cone. A jack can be useful to raise your vehicle if bogged on a sandy beach or stuck on a log for example. Used to lift the car then place something under the tyres to regain traction/pack up the car so the underbelly doest get stuck. A set of tracks to slide under your vehicle’s tyres is another useful accessory to improve traction in sandy or muddy situations.

Safety First!

It is impossible to understate the importance of buying good quality recovery gear and using it correctly. Using cheap gear, with a higher probability of failure, greatly increases the danger of injury or even death. But just as important is ensuring that you are properly trained in the use of the equipment. Join a 4WD club or ask your shop to instruct you in the correct use of any equipment you purchase.

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