Bash Plates—what are they and why should I consider using them?

So, what are Bash Plates?

Bash Plates

You can fit a bash plate onto the underside of your vehicle if you are planning a trip on rough roads where stones and rocks could cause damage to vital pieces of equipment. Your vehicle’s sump, radiator and transmission, for example, are all vulnerable to damage from striking or being struck by rocks and other material on the road or offroad and damage to these pieces of equipment could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Types of bash plate

Bash plates are manufactured from steel or alloy. As always, there are good and poor quality items available, so make sure you invest in a good one. Your vehicle may be equipped with a bash plate already, but factory-fitted ones are very often made from plastic or other lightweight materials and these will not offer you the protection you need. Consider wether or not the factory fitted one will provide adequate protection from a stick or log or large rock as it it flung up to your undercarraige at speed or having your vehicle land on a rock or log. My suggestion is no it wont so you need something stronger and better designed

Best brands

We recommend installing a good quality after-market bash plate such as our own brand (FMC), or the ARB bash plate.  Both will help to protect the underside of your vehicle and make sure you get home in one piece from your next 4X4 trip. Even if the plate gets damaged and needs to be replaced it is generally alot better to damage that rather than  say your auto transmission sump,radiator,engine sump or any other things that could be very costly to repair/replace let alone the inconvience of it failing and ruining your trip away

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